Saturday, August 9, 2014


If you ask me, my favorite app on my iphone is INSTAGRAM.  I have enjoyed my personal one and will now start a new account for this blog that will be open to the public. This new account will feature past blog posts, new blog posts, behind the scenes tips, recipes, interior design, and my travels. Follow me and I promise to bring some imagination and beauty to your day.

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pretty In Pink

My darling niece turned 2 this December!  We decided to throw her a "Pretty In Pink" party based off of my Pink Christmas Tree.  (Yes, I am just now blogging this, it's been a crazy year so far!) Working full time, we didn't have enough time to cook so we visited all the local bakeries and bought pink items. The Birthday cake was from: Top- Cupcake Chic
                                                         Bottom- Magleby's Fresh 
Peppermint Pink Cookies- Smart Cookie
Raspberry Mini Cake- Dippidee 
These are my all time favorite cookies. They are pink sugar cookies from- The Slurp
The Eclairs are from- Schmidt's Pastry Cottage
Donuts from- Beyond Glaze
Strawberry Vanilla Cupcakes from- Cupcake Chic
This is an overall look of the party, with little pink gift baskets, and a darling pink Christmas tree.
Darling fairy garland that we found, and darling one of a kind ornaments from- The Gatehouse No. 1
 One of her presents was a mini pink wing back chair just for her, and plenty of presents to spoil her!
The birthday song was sang twice to her, because she loved it so much. Pink candles and pink flames, and plenty of presents to spoil her rotten! Family and friends giving her all the attention a girl could ask for. Along with a darling outfit from Janie and Jacks. What more could a two year old ask for!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tis' The Season

 This year was a crazy year for me.  At work, we put Christmas up in a store at the end of October.  Doing large displays, then I had a fun photo shoot at my home which you saw before, and then I went and did clients homes. I have a couple of pictures of the homes I worked on below.  All these pictures were done with my Iphone.   So I apologize for the quality on some, but this way is a quick way of seeing all that Ive been up to.  Not to mention all the Interior design projects in-between.  Been a crazy way to end the year, but I love it!  Couldn't be more grateful for a great job, clients who I adore, and friends and loved ones to celebrate this season with me!
 All of the above were some sneak peaks of clients homes.  I wish I took more, but normally I leave there home when its a disaster with glitter, boxes, and scrapes everywhere.  But I was able to snag a few!
Went to visit my little sister and her family in Virginia, and went to some beautiful gardens that are all lit up.
 Monument Avenue.  Beautiful estate homes done up for Christmas!
 We visited Williamsburg, where we toured the town and saw all the beautiful, natural Christmas decorations.  They use only natural items, which made me excited and now were going to theme our entire English Christmas Dinner around this idea! Stay tuned, its going to be darling!

If you had a Pineapple on your door, it meant that you were very well off.  SO I love the little guys hidden in the arrangements.
 After that we went to the Tacky Lights Tour in Richmond, its crazy, and so fun! Here is a few pictures from it!

 Then we went to this live nativity, that a few local churches put on.  Where they build a village that looks likes Bethlehem, and you walk through the life of Christ.  They ask that instead of just taking your kids to see Santa, to come here, and remember the true meaning of Christmas.  It was beautiful and very well done.
Shepard's in the field at night.

 The Star of Bethlehem
 The Birth of Christ.

 The Wise Men.
 A Walk through Jesus Christ's life...
 The cross, and when He rose from the grave...
 We also went to the Jefferson Hotel, below is the front lobby.
 Gingerbread and candy sled, every part of this is Candy and Gingerbread.  So Here are all the details.

Then of course, we did all the usual Christmas things, that I have posted for the last couple of years.  Pond Christmas, Christmas lights around town, Thanksgiving Point Christmas, Riverwoods, and so much more!